Sunday, September 27, 2009

my first attempt at blogging....

So I have finally decided to start a blog in the hopes that I can vent and relieve some stress.

I am a single mom trying to raise my 3 little boys and as of last week my ex-husband's 9 year old son Creed from a previous relationship. My oldest son Kaleb (6) was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD about a year ago and my middle son Jaymes (4) was diagnosed with ADHD a few months later. My youngest Jacob (3) is showing all the same signs as the older 2 so it is just a matter of time before he ends up being diagnosed also. My step-son was also diagnosed with ADHD when he was younger but his bio mom didn't do much to try to help him. I feel a little gullible for the fact that I have decided to take him into my home and that I am trying to fix the mistakes that others have made but I love this child like he is my own and I don't want to see him fail in life. Everyday is a struggle to stay sane but the I love you's I hear each day make it worth it.

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