Monday, August 23, 2010

New and Improved!

I started this blog almost a year ago with every intention of keeping up with it. Somewhere along the way I got lost in life and all the craziness that comes with being a single mom, but I have decided to give it another try. This time instead of only blogging about my boys I am going to just wing it and write whatever is on my mind when I finally get a chance to sit down.

It should be fun! :)

Quick run down of my life since my last post.....

January- Jacob got kicked out of preschool because of tantrums. He got dx'd with ADHD. Had to start the process of getting him in treatment and a TSS in place so he could go back.

February- Creed went back to live with his Dad. Jacob turned 4!

March- Jaymes turned 5!

April- Finally got Jacob a TSS and back in school.

May- Kaleb turned 7! Kaleb also got his TSS school hours phased out and got to finish out the school year without his TSS in the classroom.

June- School is out for the summer. Kaleb finished 1st grade with an awesome report card.

July/August- Crazy busy summer! :)

We didn't get too many lazy summer days this year. We had home visit upon home visit with Kaleb and Jacob both having TSS home hours. Plus Jacob now does Mobile Therapy instead of Play Therapy like Kaleb and Jaymes. The plus side is that his mobile therapist is Kaleb's TSS so that is one less person I have to deal with.