Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting on the right track

Today was a pretty good day other than the fact that I am coming down with a cold. I made some phone calls and got appts. set up for Creed to get evaluated again for ADHD and to get a psych. eval. We are also going to get him a TSS to keep him in line in the classroom. I am trying my best to get him on the right track. I know with some tough love and a little help that I can improve his life. The guidance counselor told me today that he hasn't completed a single assignment yet this school year, that includes work in the classroom and his homework. I discussed with the guidance counselor about getting his brain development tested to see if he possibly has some mental delays since his maturity level is no where near where it should be for a 9 year old. She agreed with me that it would be a good idea.

Tomorrow is picture day at school so I took Creed shopping and bought him a brand new outfit to wear. He complained the whole time. I tried explaining to him that he should be grateful that I care enough to buy him a new outfit for pictures. I honestly don't think he knows what it is like to have someone actually truly care for him and WANT to see him succeed in life.

Seeing how much Kaleb has improved in the last year with his meds, therapy, and TSS gives me hope for Creed. Kaleb is doing so well in school. He has brought home 4 tests so far this school year and he has gotten a 100% on all of them. He makes me so proud. I went on his field trip with him last Friday and I was so excited to see how well behaved he was. Normally when he doesn't get his own way he will have a little meltdown but he stayed very calm the entire day. It is hard to believe that this time last year I was dealing with the stress and paperwork from him getting kicked out of school and needing to go into the partial program.

Jaymes and Jacob are enjoying their preschool program. Jacob just loves getting to ride on the school bus finally instead of just watching his brothers go on one. Jaymes does very well there and follows the rules, Jacob on the other hand is my stubborn one and has a hard time listening. I know that before long I will end up having to have him evaluated for ADHD.

To end on a happy note Jaymes said the funniest thing today. While I was on the phone with one of my sisters he kept interrupting me. I told him if he wouldn't be quiet and give me a minute I was sending him to her house to watch the kids that she was babysitting so she could come to my house and we could chat. He thought I said kitties instead of kids, her cat had kittens about 2 months ago and he has a ball playing with them. He said that he wanted to go to her house and watch the kitties. I told him that I said kids not kitties and that kitties can watch themselves. He looked at me with this very serious face and said "Mom, kitties can't watch themselves, their eyes are only on the inside." I laughed so hard. Gotta love the cute things that come out of the mouths of little kids.

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